Moving to the Park

To move into the Park, it's simple.

Here's the procedure:

Send your letter of intent by e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.*

In this letter, written from an authorized representative of your company, it is necessary to give a short presentation of your company (business, sales, etc..) And planned activities within the park, your needs in terms of desired surfaces (m² ), the staff that you plan to deploy in the site, the desired date of entry into your local future, a possible progressive ramp-up with the use of specifications (extensions of the perimeter, projected dates ...) and all another element to better meet your expectations.

Upon receipt of your letter of intent, MedZ Sourcing will send you a receipt, confirmation number and number in the queue will be assigned.

MedZ Sourcing will also be able to advise you and assist you plan your installation.

The signing of the lease will be mandatory three months before delivery of the space.

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* MedZ Sourcing's mission is to promote, market, manage and run the Offshoring areas in Morocco.


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