Investment in Morocco

inv maroc

Many measures have been implemented to stimulate investment:

  • Significant incentives to promote investment
  • Decrease the tax burden as well when creating a business or when operating
  • Total exemption from corporate income tax for the 5 years first of operation and reduction of 50% on sales for export for the next 5 years
  • Guarantee transfer of profits and proceeds from the sale or liquidation of investment for foreign investors ...
  • More than $ 12 billion of foreign investment over the past decade.

Establishment of a new cut in the card bodies in charge of investments. Based on a regional vision, it is divided into three main centers of action and allows better management:

  • Regional Centers Investment
  • National Investment Commission
  • Investment Department

The joint action of these three bodies can, in effect:

  • Facilitate the realization of investment projects under the best conditions.
  • Accompanied by information, advice, networking and administrative processing of the investment record
  • Advise investors in their efforts to reduce delays and operating procedures by regrouping all in a single address.

Major economic reforms to promote investment:

  • Tax reforms: Reduction of tax rates and simplifying the procedure of paying taxes ...
  • Banking and financial reforms: privatization of the banking sector, liberalization of interest rates ...
  • Legislative reforms: Promulgation of the new Labor Code; implementation of the law on intellectual property creation of commercial courts ...