Economic Development

Morocco opens significant economic opportunities to companies seeking growth. The country provides highest level of quality of services and skills of its human resources. Geographical proximity and cultural sensitivity with Europe are two other assets that make the kingdom the destination of your Nearshoring activities.

Morocco offers a favorable economic environment and National growth:

  • 5.3% Growth rate for 2009
  • The unemployment rate is always maintained below 10%
  • The new infrastructure has enabled Morocco to create a conducive economic environment to attract and welcome foreign capital.
  • An open international markets is now provided through the establishment of numerous free trade agreements and the protection of foreign investments
  • The health of the country is confirmed by an IMF report that estimated that the current economic environment in Morocco is propitious to foreign investment.
  • The Standard & Poor's raised the long-term rating of Morocco from "BB +" to "BBB-" in currency and from "BBB" to "BBB + ' in local currency. The prospective associated with the note is "Stable". The kingdom becomes the 15th country that joined the Investment Grade. A decision already taken by Fitch Ratings in 2007 and confirmed in October 2009.
  • COFACE (French rating agency) has, in turn, produced a positive balance on the Moroccan economy.
  •  Morocco has adopted an endogenous strategy of growth based on growth, production and export promotion ...